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Who is Nicoclean and how did we get stared?

After being a smoker for almost 15 years, I have experienced just about every negative aspect that smoking comes with. Lets face it, all of us smokers know the importance of that morning cigarette, the after coffee cigarette, on the way to work cigarette, arriving at work cigarette and well, you get the picture. Every smoker knows the importance of having their pack and lighter close at hand, which leads to a cigarette at just about every opportunity. When the electronic cigarette hit the market years ago, I had made the switch to a full time ecig user which made a huge change in my lifestyle including the ability to taste, increase in sense of smell, cleaner house and work environment due to a lack of trash and much more. The e cigarette was a huge benefit to my personal work relations, relationship and overall personal hygiene. However, one day I got curious as to what was in the e cigarette that I was so fond of and came to realize there was some pretty weird stuff in the cartomizer of the e cigarette I was using. After inspecting the inside of the ecig a bit closer I came to notice there were tiny pieces of metal or aluminum inside and on the cartomizer wick, which freaked me out to say the least.

The next step in finding premium quality e juice for the e cigarette?

After realizing that I had no idea what exactly was in the ecig I was using, I wanted to find a solution where I knew exactly what I was ingesting in my body. This may sound crazy coming from a smoker of 15+ years, but hey, I was on a new found “health kick” and was not about to give up now after having quit smoking cigarettes altogether. Deciding to make the move to a vape pen starter kit instead of an ecig would allow me to use whatever e juice I wanted instead of ingesting random substances hidden inside the cartomizer.

Making the switch to purchasing e juice at retail cost

I saw that the market had been provided with e juice that was either extremely over priced or made in massive quantities with no level of attention to the actual quality of the flavor. This left me guessing what exactly were the ingredients in the e juice I was buying and if they were quality. The fact was, no one but the company knew exactly what was in the e juice aside from the actual people on the assembly line. My options were to either purchase bottles of e juice from $15.95 to around $17.95 from a local shop for a 15ml bottle of premium quality e juice, however I knew this was going to get extremely expensive. In my first month of vaping I spent over $400 on premium e juice which is just about the same cost as smoking cigarettes at buying a pack per day. My other option was to buy the low quality “mass produced” e juice from about $3-$5 per 10-15ml bottle, however IT WAS GARBAGE. The solution to my problem seemed simple, all I wanted was a premium quality e juice for a better price than $15.

The solution to my premium e juice problem, or so I thought

After looking into making e juice for my self in late 2011, I realized that the concept seemed simple enough to make it my self and not have to pay the high price $15 per 15ml bottle of e juice. I spent over $1500 on all the ingredients, natural flavorings, artificial flavorings and bottles to make my own e juice. After everything slowly started to show up, I realized I really had no idea what I was up against. I had a couple friends that were also into vaping at the time, so I called them over and we started to make, what we believed to be premium quality e juice (It was terrible). For about 6 months we mixed flavorings and ingredients until we finally came up with something that was tolerable to vape.

The birth of NIcoclean Premium E Juice

After learning the do’s and don’ts of making e juice for over 10+ months I created some pretty amazing flavors, I kept it simple but I wanted the e juice to explode to flavor and vapor production. Over a year later, after creating e juice flavors and recipes I began to enhance the liquid with specific ingredients that would vape better, produce more vapor and overall TASTE AMAZING!

In about late 2012 I had all my friends and family purchasing 10-50 bottles at a time and it got the point where I couldn’t make all the e juice my self anymore. Between my day job and making e juice on the side, I was literally working 16 hour days, 7 days a week. It was time to go for it and quit my day job and give this e juice a name.  All my friends and family always told me how “clean” the e juice tasted. Clean and simple was exactly what we were going for which gave the name clean nicotine or Nicoclean.

In 2013 Nicloclean stepped in with Premium E Juice

In 2013 the Nicoclean Premium E Juice line was born and we now offer the highest quality Premium E Juice in delicious flavors at a low price point of $10.95. Rest assured and be confident in knowing that you are only putting premium e liquid ingredients into your tanks from Nicoclean as we have been making e juice since early 2011. Our ingredients are all sourced in the USA, and the e juice is mixed and bottled in the Sacramento, CA. When you choose Nicloclean premium e juice, you can be certain that there are no extra undeclared ingredients or chemicals.

Our ingredients are all USP grade, which means they are food-grade, with the exception of the nicotine itself which does not have an FDA approval as of yet. We use only the highest quality propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, artificial flavors, natural flavorings and pure nicotine extract. You can get a variety of nicotine concentrations in Nicloclean e juice, ranging from 0mg (nicotine-free) to 36mg (our strongest concentration).

 We offer superior taste high quality, and affordability in Nicoclean Premium E Juice

We take our customers’ safety seriously, and we also take their need for great taste seriously. Vaping is not just about finding a good e juice or an awesome vape pen. It is also about the great sensory experience of vaping itself. Flavors are important for our users, and we are committed to bringing you the best e juice flavors so that you can have the best experience possible vaping. We are certain that you will love the flavors at Nicloclean E Juice, so much that we offer a monthly e juice membership club so that you can try all the new flavors you want at your leisure.

Our premium USA made e liquid comes in glass bottles to protect your valuable e juice and to protect your safety.

Plastic bottles can leach toxins, and we are committed to making sure that your e liquid is pure and chemical-free. That is why we use slightly more expensive packaging when it adds a significant value to the product, because when it comes to your safety the extra effort is worth it.

Trust Nicoclean E Juice for your source of clean premium USA made e juice and e liquids.